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About Tarakeswar

Tarakeswar is a famous place in West Bengal. This is because thousands of pilgrims visit this town in Hooghly district to offer their prayers to Lord Taraknath who is one of the prime deity of the Hindus. This has made the place a very important pilgrims station in India. Tarakeswar is well connected via a great network of roads and railways too. One can take a train to Kolkata and from there multiple trains are available to the holy town of Tarakeswar.

Tourist Destinations in Tarakeswar

About TarakeswarWest Bengal is full of important religious destinations. Tarakeswar is on such religious destinations in the state of West Bengal, where thousands of people visit every year. This place has earned a name for itself as one of the most important Linga of Lord Shiva is situated here. It is known by the name Taraknath here. The name of the city has also been coined accordingly. Though famous for the temple, people also enjoy the picturesque and green surroundings when here. Not only is this place important for the religious significance, Tarakeswar is also an important commercial site situated in the Hooghly district of West Bengal. This is because of the fact that it has strong agricultural backbone and there are several cold storage for storing items. Being a small town, the place does not offer much tourist attraction. However, the magical environment of the town is bound to bring you back to this place quite often. Here are the few attractions that can be visited when visiting the town of Tarakeswar.

Taraknath Temple in Tarakeswar

Taraknath temple is the major reason why many devotees from all over the world are seen to visit the town of Tarakeswar every year. Created in the year 1729 AD, Raja Bharamalla is said to be the founder of the temple. The temple has features such as “natmandir” and “atchala”. Above the sanctum the temple has four roofs. It also has extended galleries for the devotees to sit and relax. This temple is considered one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples or one of the 12 abodes of Lord Shiva. Not only shrine of lord Shiva, the temple also has minor shrines which are dedicated to Lord Lakshmi Narayan and Goddess Kali. Sravan Month which usually falls in the month of July or August is a very auspicious time to visit the temple. During this time large number of devotees visit the temple to offer water, milk, flowers, fruits and also their prayers. Chaitra Sankranti, Maha Shivratri are some of the festivals which are celebrated with great pomp and show here

Buddha Temple in Tarakeswar

The Buddha temple situated here is the one and only Buddha temple in the Hoogly district. Religious guru, Dalai Lama had inaugurated this temple in the year 1965 and forms a major attraction for people who are on a tour to Tarakeswar. The temple which has been build with simple architecture has a small well maintained garden and a statue of Buddha inside the temple. Buddha Purnima is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm here. This temple can easily be reached by availing local transport. Private cabs can also be booked to reach the Buddha temple and offer prayers.

Dodhipuker Tank in Tarakeswar

The tank which is located very near to Tarakeswar Temple is also very famous. This tank is believed to have been originated at the same time that the temple of Taraknath was set up. The water that is there in the tank is said to have healing powers. Hence, people are often seen bathing with the waters of the tank to heal and purify body and mind. It is also said to fulfill any wishes that a devotee might have. This tank is said to have been erected by Raja Bharamalla in the year 1729 AD.

Geography of Tarakeswar

Geographically the town of Tarakeswar is located at 22.89°N 88.02°E. The average elevation of the town is 59 feet (18 meters). It is situated in Hooghly district and comes under Chandannagar sub division in the state of West Bengal. The town is located at the middle of Hooghly district of Burdwan.The soil form in Tarakeswar is fertile. Almost at all the places new alluvial soil can be found. Clay surfaces can also be found in some places. This makes the soil very fertile for growing agricultural crops.

Climate in Tarakeswar

Tarakeswar experiences extreme climatic conditions. During summers the temperature can be as high as 40°C. It is very hot and humid during such times. However, during summers the place receives occasion rainfall giving relief to the residents and thousands of tourists who visit the place year round. The average temperature during the month of summer which starts from March end and lasts till June first week is 22°C to 35°C. Summer season is followed by monsoon season. The rain starts poring towards the end of first week of June and continues till September. The average rainfall is estimated to be 1520mm. After the rainy season there is a chill in the air and winter gradually sets in from the month of October and lasts till February. The temperature can be as low as 10C accompanied by cold winds.

Demography of Tarakeswar

As per 2001 census, the population of Tarakeswar has been estimated to be 28178. Out of which the total female population is 47% and total male population is 53%. 7262 person per Sq.km is the gross density of the population here. The average literacy rate has been measured to be 72% which is much higher than the national average literacy of 59.5%. While female literacy in Tarakeswar stands at 66%, male literacy is 78%. The percentage of population under the age of 6 is 10%.

Administration in Tarakeswar

Profile of Tarakeswar
Tarakeswar Municipality

The town lies in Chandannagore Sub-Division which is under Burdwan division in the district of Hooghly. It became a municipality in the year of 1975, 6th August. There are 15 wards in the municipality. Amongst the administrative set up one can find Police station, block development office, fire station office and several other semi govt and govt offices taking care of the administration of the town. For looking after the law and order of the town Tarakeswar, the police department plays an active role. The main purpose of the municipality of Tarakeswar is to improve social and physical infrastructure after considering several environmental factors. Also, they want the residents to be knowledgeable, healthy and economically self sufficient. For this there are various departments such as general administration, accounts departments, law department, establishment department, water department, license department, birth and death department, health department, education department, disaster management department and the likes which have been set up so that the specific areas can be looked into for the benefits of the population as a whole.

Tarakeswar Municipality
Tarakeswar Purbo Bhaban
Village: Joy Krishna Bazar
Post Office: Tarakeswar
Police Station : Tarakeswar
District: Hoogly
Call Us : 0091 3212 276105

Tarakeswar Fire Station
Address: Hooghly - 712410, Nr Birla Chowmata & Towards Lokentath Mandir
Phone No: + (91)-3212-279501

Economy in Tarakeswar

The main occupation of people of Tarakeswar is agriculture. Due to the fertile soil, large number of crops and vegetables are grown here. Apart from agriculture, there are small industries too. The industries that can be mainly found here are soap factory, jute bag factory, oil mills, candle manufacturing units. There are few cold storages too in the town.Tourism is also another sector from where income is derived. Due to the presence of Tarakeswar temple which is a famous pilgrimage site attracting large number of people from all over the country, the town has several hotels and restaurants where the pilgrims can stay.

Healthcare Facility in Tarakeswar

Hospitals in Tarakeswar

The government has ensured presence of hospitals in the city to take care of the health care needs of the residents as well as the number of tourists who visit the place round the year. There is one Municipality health center and one rural hospital in the town. Apart from government hospitals there are private nursing homes too. The numbers of nursing homes are 5. Several clinics are also operated by the doctors present in the town. You can go there on prior appointments when suffering from any ailments. The contact details of the nursing homes in Tarakeswar have been provided below.

Sanjiban Nursing Home
Address: Tarakeswar, Hooghly South, District Hooghly, Pin Code: 712410, West Bengal

Star Nursing Home
Address: Tarakeswar, Hooghly, Pin Code: 712410

Jiban Nursing Home
Address: Vill: Paschimpara, P.O.-Nimdangi, Tarakeswar, Hooghly, West Bengal, Near Paschimpara High School, Pin Code- 712410

B.C.DAS Memorial Medical Complex
Address: TC Road, Vill-Burdwan Rd. Post-Tarakeswar, Hooghly - 712410
Phone No: + (91)-3212-279149

Nilkantha Diagnostics and Cure Centre Pvt
Address: BTC Road, Padma Pukur More, Hooghly, Pin Code: 712410, Opp Super Auto, Tarakeswar
Phone No: + (91)-3212-276322

Chemist Shops in Tarakeswar

There are various medical shops in Tarakeswar which stock large number of medicines of different companies to cater to the requirements of the patients. Now days apart from medicines, there are other things such as health drinks, cosmetics, oxygen cylinders and much more are also stored. Here is a list of chemist shops in Tarakeswar when needing any medicines or other items as mentioned above. Some of such shops also offer discounts on the total amount.

Indira Medicine
Address: Ground Floor, Tarakeswar, Thana Road, Hooghly - 712410, Near Police Station
Phone No: + (91)-9883145868

The Medicines
Address: Ground Floor, Tarakeswar station road, Tarakeswar, Hooghly - 712410, Near Railway Station
Phone No: + (91)-3212-276108

Koley Medcine
Address: Room no-14, Ground Floor, Tarakeswar Bus Stand, Hooghly - 712410, In the Bus Stand
Phone No: + (91)-9749137900, 9832190120

Uma Home Hall

Address: Ground Floor, Mandir Road, Hooghly - 712410, Near Tarakeswar Station
Phone No: + (91)-9832111995

Medicine Mart
Address: Room No 154, Tarakeswar Bus Stand, Hooghly - 712410
Phone No: + (91)-3212-279915

Ganendra Medical
Address: T C Road, Tarakeswar, Hooghly - 712410, Near Padma Pukur
Phone No: + (91)-9433901728, + (91)-3212-277915

Chatterjee Medicine Center
Address: Tarakeswar Thana Road, Hooghly, Netaji Subhash Road, Hooghly - 712410
Phone No: + (91)-3212-276728

Haricharan Medical Stores
Address: Room No 1, Ground Floor, Bus Stand Market Complex, Hooghly - 712410, In Tarakeswar Bus Stand
Phone No: + (91)-9832165551, + (91)-3212-276789

Medicine Centre
Address: Tarekeswar Chaulpatty More, Hooghly - 712410
Phone No: + (91)-9475262465, + (91)-3212-259680

Hari Charan Medical Store
Address: Bus Stand, Hooghly - 712410, Tarakeswar
Phone No: + (91)-3212-276789

Cour Medical Stores
Address: T C Road, Hooghly - 712410, Tarakeswar
Phone No: + (91)-3212-276072

Ghosh Medicines

Address: Tarakeswar Kanariya Road, Hooghly - 712410, Chawal Patty
Phone No: + (91)-3212-276607

Bera Medical Store
Address: Road No 17, Hooghly - 712402, Near Tarakeswar Railway Station
Phone No: + (91)-9475063627

Sarada Medical Store
Address: D D C Bhandarhati, Hooghly, Tarakeswar Road, Hooghly - 712301
Phone No: + (91)-9433757848

Diagnostics Centers in Tarakeswar

For accurate diagnostics, it is important to know the level of disorder in the body. The pathology laboratories are the best place where one can provide samples in the form of stool, blood, urine and others for accurate diagnosis. One can visit the below mentioned diagnostics center in case doctors have asked to get some tests done. These diagnostic centers have the advantage of collecting samples from home and delivering the same at home itself for those who have difficulties going out. Name and address of one such diagnostics is provided below.

Tarakeswar Diagnostic Centre
Address: Tarakeswar, Chawl Patty, Hooghly - 712410
Phone No: + (91)-3212-276411

Hotels in Tarakeswar

Hotels in TarakeswarWhile travelling to Tarakeswar you need not have to worry about accommodation as there are number of hotels where you can opt to stay. All these hotels provides the basic facilities such as comfortable rooms, running water, 24 hours room service, car parking facility, TV, AC in some rooms and much more. The tariffs are more or less reasonable. Bookings needs to be done in advance specially during those times when there are some festivals. The best thing about these hotels are that they charge less when compared to their counterparts in Kolkata which is barely few kilometers from this religious town.

Tarakeswar Tourist Lodge
Address: Guest House Road, Mandir Para, Tarakeswar, Hooghly - 712410 712410, India
Phone No: +(91)-3212-279332

Ashoke Nibas
Address: Mandir Road, Tarakeswar, Hooghly - 712410, West Bengal
Phone No: +(91)-9735220650

Sankar Niramish Hotel
Address: Tarakeswar, Hooghly - 712410, Kolkata - 712410
Phone No: Mr Loknath Bhakat(Proprietor), +91-9333203656, 9832768003

Shibam Guest House
Address: Doodhpkur Par, Mandir Road, Tarakeshwar, Hooghly - 712410, West Bengal

Tarak Nilay
Address: Tarakeswar Mandir Road, Hooghly - 712410
Phone No: +(91)-3212-277241

Bhattacharjee Hotel
Address: Tarakeswar, Near Tarakeswar Mandir, Hooghly - 712410
Phone No: +(91)-9434227936

Transportation in Tarakeswar

Tarakeswar is linked to rest of West Bengal via good network of railways and roadways. Tarakeswar has a railway station of its own and is connected to the metro city Kolkata. It being an important pilgrimage site, frequent trains ply between the city Kolkata and the holy place of Tarakeswar. There are number of bus routes that connects different places with Tarakeswar. The main mode of transportation between within Tarakeswar is however rickshaw and cycle. If planning to travel via flight, the nearest airport is that which is situated in Kolkata and is at a distance of 58 Km from the town. Either one can book private cars to ply you straight to Tarakeswar or you can avail trains from Howrah to reach there.

The town has almost all the facility that is required for a comfortable stay. The administration has ensured that the residents live comfortably and also the tourists have a safe stay in the town.

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